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The excellent quality of all VALNIEZO products is guaranteed by many years of experience in breeding Ibérico pigs, as well as the passion for, and skill in, processing its meats.


Ibérico pork is an exceptional meat and very different to that of white pigs (for example Duroc or other breeds), because it has a much more sumptuous and refined flavour. The never excessive fat is absorbed into the muscle fibre which provides great flavour and softness. Ibérico meat is available all year round, because it is derived from Iberian pigs, which are reared either free-range or in pigsties, and fed on cereals and legumes.
The meat of Ibérico pigs fed on acorns of the bellota variety, however, is available only at a certain time of year, between January and February, when the pigs are butchered after having finished their Montanera. Accordingly, this meat has very limited availability.
Unlike matured meats such as hams, shoulders, and other cured meats, fresh meat tends to lose the effects of an acorn-based diet. The acorn flavour disappears in the cooking process and subsequently it has a less delicate flavour.
VALNIEZO is synonymous with highest-quality Ibérico meat, and great attention to detail in the cleaning and trimming of the cuts and their packaging, in order to ensure that our clients receive a perfect final product.

We offer the following cuts

Ibérico pork loin
Ibérico presa
Ibérico fillet
Ibérico segreto extra

“secret” cut from between the shoulder, ribs and fatback

Ibérico pluma

“feather” cut from the shoulder section, behind the neck

Ibérico spareribs
Ibérico bacon
Ibérico hamburger

Hams and Shoulders

VALNIEZO is one of the few brands not ever to have undergone any changes in its product line: all our products are completely artisanal and natural and do not include nitrites, nitrates, or any other type of additive or preservative. This means that we apply great amounts of effort, passion, and respect for the values of tradition, all of which results in a product that is not only extremely satisfying, but also distinguishes itself in flavour immediately!

VALNIEZO hams and shoulders stand out for the following reasons:

– 100% natural products which are salted only with sea salt.
– Entirely artisanal production process.
– Limited production.
– Same traditional process used for over 100 years.
– Prolonged ageing in a natural environment


Each ham hanging in our bodega is a special and unique work of art, which is monitored by the expert hands of Ramón, our Maestro Jamonero, every single day.

100% bellota Ibérico ham and shoulder
Bellota Ibérico ham and shoulder
Cebo de campo Ibérico ham and shoulder

Hams and shoulders are also available boneless


Other cured means

Bellota Ibérico pork loin
Bellota Ibérico pork tenderloin
Bellota Ibérico chorizo
Bellota Ibérico morcón sausage
Bellota Ibérico salchichón sausage